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Columbarium Information

A new columbarium was installed at Glen Rest Cemetery in October of 2021.  It is co-sponsored by Schreiner University and the Kerrville Perpetual Cemetery Association (KPCCA) and will be called the Schreiner University/Glen Rest Cemetery Columbarium.  There will be 48 cremation niches—24 for use by Schreiner University and 24 for use by KPCCA. 

What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is a structure with inbuilt niche spaces that store cremation urns. This final resting place can be a wall, room, or standalone building. Commonly made of granite or marble stone. 


History of Glen Rest Cemetery

The Glen Rest Cemetery is in Kerrville, Texas, 1.5 miles southeast of the Kerr County Courthouse. It is situated on the east side of Texas Highway 27 and encircled on the other three sides by Schreiner University. A low rock wall of native stone defines the cemetery boundaries. According to oral history this wall was probably built in the 1920s using materials from the demolition of the 1886 Kerr County Courthouse. The main entrance features a native stone surround and iron gate. 

Glen Rest Cemetery was established 1894 and was the 3rd cemetery in Kerr County. Today there is nearly 3,000 men, women and children buried in Glen Rest. When the cemetery became full in Glen Rest expanded by adding a columbarium in October of 2021. 

Use of Niches    

Cremation niches are for the sole use of human cremated remains.  Other uses of cremation niches are prohibited.  


Single or Double Inurnment  

A niche may be used for the inurnment of the cremated remains of either one or two persons.  


Disturbance of Cremains      


Heirs will not be allowed to change locations, cause to be removed from their space, or transfer the right of the interment without a court order having authority to order such a change.


Niche Purchase Price  

The purchase price is $1923 per niche.  This price includes the cost of a name plaque and the engraving on the plaque.  Payment should be mailed to Kerrville Perpetual Care Cemetery Association, P.O. Box 290241, Kerrville, TX 78029-0241.


Niche Name Plaque      


 The niche name plaque will be provided by KPCCA.  They will all be of a uniform size and style.  The inscription shall consist only of the name of the deceased, date of birth and date of death.


Urn Requirements        

 Cremated remains must be placed in an urn that is approved and provided by a funeral home.  Only approved urns (height 8 5/16” width 6 3/8” depth 4 ½”) may be placed in the niche.  


Flowers, Ornaments and Decorations  

Any flowers (real or plastic), ornaments, or decorations placed at the columbarium must be removed within 30 days.

For Purchase 

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